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The seepage volume will be about 20 times greater than if the entire catchment were under pristine native vegetation, and the streamflow will be 3 times greater.
As sediments build along the river bank the channel narrows and streamflow is reduced.
Those riparian owners who failed to complain about the damming of a stream, or the diversion of water into canals, tacitly acquiesced in the alteration of streamflow and lost any future right to protest.
com/) aggregates hourly data from a variety of sources, including the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the Colorado Division of Water Resources, providing comprehensive streamflow information from the South Platte River Basin.
the contractor shall install, maintain, and operate all cofferdams, channels, flumes, sumps, and all other temporary diversion and protective works needed to divert streamflow and other surface water through or around the construction site.
Although our study does not consider the drought in which the event was embedded, or its hydrological impacts, we examine streamflow data from the Royal Irrigation Department of Thailand for the country's two main river basins (see online-supplemental material), as this provides a context for the April event.
Among their topics are evapotranspiration mapping utilizing remote sensing data, assimilating remotely sensed streamflow data to improve flood forecasting in ungauged river basins in Africa, the multiscale evaluation and applications of current global satellite-based precipitation products over the Yangtze River Basin, satellite remote sensing drought monitoring and predictions over the the globe, and cloud-based cyber-information for disaster monitoring and mitigation.
A linking chapter on characteristics of forests is followed by material on the impact of forests on precipitation, streamflow, stream sediment, and flooding.
The increasing trend in runoff rate of TH varied during different times of the year, increased by 44% from October to February in the winter flow, by 24% in the spring flow and by 27% in the summer flow, but the streamflow decreased in BH.
Estimating ground-water recharge from streamflow hydrographs for a small mountain watershed in a temperate humid climate, New Hampshire, USA.
Others have noted that during high-flow events, the increased speed and volume of the streamflow cuts into the bank and weakens it.
The Seasonal Streamflow Forecast Service has been developed by CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology in collaboration with water managers.