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We are proud to partner with Triton Digital to provide our marketers with access to a wide range of digital audio inventory from music services, live streaming radio, podcasts, and more through the a2x programmatic audio marketplace," Platform 161 CEO Marco Kloots said.
SiriusXM announced that it had invested $480 million into streaming radio service Pandora.
The music section provides access to streaming radio, articles, audio and video recordings, and featured music.
We plan to work with Sourcefabric to build streaming radio stations for people living beyond transmission range.
Equipped with a USB charge out port, users can power up their smartphones and tablets without any interruption to their favorite melodies or streaming radio stations.
Some Beaming--Others Steaming--Over Streaming Radio, from page 7)
California-based Pandora was ranked the top source for streaming radio.
US retailing company Macy's Inc (NYSE:M) announced on Thursday that it is an exclusive launch partner for Apple's new iAd-supported streaming radio service, iTunes Radio.
Securenet Systems is a major provider of third-party apps for streaming radio stations, with well over 2,000 listener apps between Android and Apple devices.
Leading Streaming Radio Provider Expands Its Network To Service Global Demand
He said like the streaming radio service Pandora serves mobile ads with tiny "close" tabs, and users often click an ad while trying to discard it.
In addition, Jelli launched a specially curated, SXSW artist-themed, streaming radio station in conjunction with the start of this year's SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.