streaming video

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streaming video

A one-way video transmission like broadcast TV. Streaming video is widely used to watch video clips and movies from the Internet on TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones. Streaming video is also accomplished locally when users stream a movie from their personal collection over their local network to a media hub connected to a TV (see digital media hub).

Unlike movies that are downloaded, which can be played at any time, a streamed movie is played immediately and not stored in the receiving device.

It's Already in the Buffer
Watching momentary blips in video is annoying, and the only way to compensate for that over the Internet, which does not guarantee perfect service, is to get some of the video data into the receiving device before it starts playing. In streaming video, both the client and server cooperate for uninterrupted motion. The client side stores a few seconds of video in a memory buffer before it starts sending it to the screen and speakers. Throughout the session, it continues to buffer video frames ahead of time. See buffer.

Video Calling/Conferencing Is More Demanding
Video calling and conferencing is much more taxing on the network and computers than streaming video. It requires sufficient bandwidth and processing power to handle the video coming in and going out in real time without the benefit of buffering (see real-time video). Very noticeable with free services such as Skype and FaceTime, there are days when the connection is flawless and other times when the interruptions are numerous. See progressive download, home theater streaming, videoconferencing, smart TV, streaming audio and streaming video games.

The Streaming Concept
Extra packets are buffered in memory in order to compensate for the unpredictable delivery over the Internet.
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On the other hand, Roku is an "arms dealer" in the streaming video space, as its hardware facilitates multiple streaming platforms, Martin said.
While some students and faculty greatly prefer streaming video, the high cost, technical requirements, and restrictive licensing agreements may limit the percentage of a library's streaming video collection as opposed to more traditional formats.
Founded in 2014, the Streaming Video Alliance's charter is to encourage deeper collaboration across the entire online video ecosystem, which will include the development of standards and best practices for an open architecture that will operate across the entire online video value chain.
and China in the race to deploy 5G--a much-heralded solution to the mobile streaming video congestion issues plaguing mobile operators today.
Kanopy began as a supplier of DVDs to libraries, but followed the streaming video market as it took flight.
Despite these shortcomings, Kanopy is an excellent source for streaming video. In format, Kanopy mirrors the bold cover art and trending categories of commercial streaming services.
Live streaming video "is something that the market has been waiting for a long time," says Effi Atad, CEO of Showbox, a cloud-based video creation platform, from Israel.
There are several technologies and mobile apps that have come on the market lately that are driving this growth in streaming video. One that I've written about and used myself is Periscope.
The subscription-based CBS All Access service would compete with streaming video providers like Netflix and Hulu, reports Fortune.
"So it was a natural progression when they started making streaming video available, because this is a product that our customers are already familiar with," says Jeriann Thacker, electronic resources librarian.
The streaming video quality testing capabilities of Nemo tools will be enhanced by PEVQ-S, providing standardised exact qualification of video quality and the ability to benchmark video streaming QoE levels, as well as identify perceivable artifacts of network congestion and indicate the available headroom for optimisation.
Live streaming video and audio broadcasts will be delivered in-flight to passengers' smart phones, laptops, tablets and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.