Streamline Moderne

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Streamline Moderne, Streamline Modern

A phase of Art Deco that emphasizes the contours that offer minimum resistance to fluid flow, resulting in emphasis on the horizontal aspects of design. Usually characterized by curved end walls, rounded corners; glass block; flush windows; white or light-colored stucco walls; horizontal stainless-steel railings.
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* The cinema is an elegant and of Streamline Moderne design of some quality, by renowned cinema architects Verity and Beverley
The hotel's distinctive bowed facade, its long horizontal lines and nautical flourishes are hallmarks of the streamline moderne school of art deco architecture.
In addition to its historic 1941 Streamline Moderne terminal, the airport also opened an award-winning passenger concourse in 2012.
The hotel is nestled in the city's Wan Chai District, and its design is essentially a throwback to the city's affinity for Streamline Moderne architecture.
The hotel is a superb example of streamline moderne art deco, and is set in a great location right beside Morecambe Bay.
Alexis de Sakhnoffsky, known as the inventor of the Streamline Moderne style, designed the lavish deco interior; Gordon B.
Described as a Streamline Moderne type of Art Deco, it was designed by Fernando Ocampo, who also did Admiral Hotel.
The primary space of the exhibition consisted of four separate works, each of which comprised a set of similar components: On the left stood a new, unmodified SMEG-brand refrigerator, whose retro design features a sherbety color and Streamline Moderne curves, while to the right hung a trio of monochrome panels, each a different hue.
Cet edifice de style paquebot ou streamline moderne fut a l'epoque une premiere en Afrique.
The Springfield Motors Buick Dealership was listed as "Springfield's best and most well-preserved example of Streamline Moderne commercial architecture and for its association with the development of transportation during the post-World War II period," the office said.
A Streamline Moderne stunner, it had appeared on Sunset's cover in 1937, with the caption "Ship of the Desert." She and her husband spent months fixing it up, scouring local vintage stores for midcentury sofas, chairs and patio sets, objets d'art, and tchotchkes to make it feel like home.
In the next decade, as Cuba's economy recovered under the progressive domination of Fulgencio Batista (1933-44), American influence brought the smooth Streamline Moderne, manifesting colourful and extravagant shapes.

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