Streitberg, Wilhelm

Streitberg, Wilhelm


Born Feb. 23, 1864, in Rüdesheim; died Aug. 19, 1925, in Leipzig. German linguist.

Streitberg became a professor at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) in 1889, the University of Münster in 1899, the University of Munich in 1909, and the University of Leipzig in 1920. A neogrammarian, he dealt in his principal works with comparative and historical Germanic linguistics. In addition to conducting research on the Proto-Germanic and Gothic languages, he published Gothic texts (with parallel Greek originals), which he furnished with commentary and apparatus criticus. He was also interested in questions of general Indo-European studies. In 1892, Streitberg founded, with K. Brugmann, the journal Indogermanische Forschungen.


Urgermanische Grammatik. Heidelberg, 1896.
Die indogermanische Sprachwissenschaft. Heidelberg, 1907.
Diegotische Bibel, vols. 1–2. Heidelberg, 1965.


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