a city in Valka Raion, Latvian SSR. Located on the right bank of the upper Gauja River, Strenci has a railroad station on the Riga-Valga line. It has a logging and timber distribution establishment.

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Elga Kagaines Heimat war Nordlettland, denn unweit von Valka, im Revier Zile der Oberforsterei Strenci diente ihr Vater Karlis Kagainis als Forster.
Paleogeograafilised rekonstmktsioonid naitavad, et mandrijaa taandudes Otepaa servamoodustiste joonelt Laeva-Piirissaare voondini toimus Peipsi jaapaisjarve ja Loode-Venemaal eksisteerinud ulatusliku Privaldai jaapaisjarve vahelise vaina sulgumine, samuti muutus uhendustee Peipsi jaapaisjarve ja Pohja-Latis eksisteerinud Strenci jaapaisjarve vahel.
This lake had a connection with Privalday Lake in the east via the Porkhov Strait and with westward proglacial lakes Strenci and Middle Gauja in northern Latvia (Fig.
Due to the extension of the lake to the Laeva-Piirissaar line and the corresponding lowering of the water level, the earlier connection between proglacial Lake Strenci and Glacial Lake Peipsi was shifted from the Vohandu-Hargla valley (Fig.
The till is usually overlain by glaciofluvial sediments, but in the Laatre and Strenci depressions (Fig.
None of the Latvian geologists who studied the evolution of the Gauja Valley (Aboltynsh 1971) and Strenci ice-dammed lake (Aboltynsh et al.
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