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a ground-living nocturnal parrot, Strigops habroptilus, of New Zealand, resembling an owl



(Strigops habroptilus), also owl parrot, a bird of the order Psittaciformes. The kakapo is 60 cm long, with soft green plumage specked with black. As in the owls (Strigiformes), the feathers of the face form a facial disk (hence the name “owl parrot”). The kakapo is flightless, flapping its wings only to help itself while running. It inhabits forests, concealing itself during the day in rock fissures or burrows. A clutch contains two to four eggs; the female incubates the eggs. The diet consists of berries and plant juice, which the bird obtains by chewing on leaves and shoots without tearing them from the plant. Once widely distributed in New Zealand, the kakapo has been almost completely extirpated; it is now encountered rarely, only in the southwestern part of South Island. The bird is given complete protection.

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