strip board

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strip core, blockboard, loose core, strip board

A composite board; a coreboard whose core is made up of strips of wood, either laid separately or glued together; veneer is glued to both faces of the core strips with its grain at right angles to that in the strips.
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The indoor electronics may be constructed on a standard commercial stripboard (such as that made by Vero Technologies Ltd.
1 small weatherproof (IP65 environment rated) ABS plastic box for sensor module 1 small general purpose ABS or similar plastic box for indoor electronics 1 5volt DC regulated power supply, mains plug-in style (see notes) 1 socket compatible with power supply's low-voltage plug (see notes) 1 4-core cable (to link indoor and outdoor sections, see notes) 1 stripboard or other construction medium
1" pitch DIP form-factor, ideal for experimenting on solderless breadboard, stripboard and through-hole PCBs.