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a device or substance for removing paint, varnish, etc.



an implement for removing the soil cover to mineralize the soil and promote natural reforestation. Three types of strippers are used in the USSR: the IaP anchor-type stripper, the PL-1.2 forest stripper, and the PDN-1 harrow stripper.

The anchor-type stripper removes vegetation and dead matter as far down as the humus horizon. It may operate under the forest canopy and in felled regions from which stumps have been removed. The implement consists of two anchor-type sections, one with the shape of an irregular hexagonal pyramid with blades to strip the cover and the other in the form of a shuttle with blades to loosen the soil to a depth of 4–5 cm. The stripper has an operating width of 0.7–1.0 m and a productivity of 2.5 km/hr.

The forest stripper consists of a frame with a hitch, a toothed harrow, a planter, and covering devices. The stripper removes the cover on the soil, loosens the soil to a depth of 15 cm, and sows and covers the seeds with soil. Its operating width is 1.2 m, and it has a productivity up to 3.5 km/hr.

A harrow stripper turns over two parallel strips of soil. It consists of two triangular harrows and has a productivity of up to 2.5 km/hr.

All three types of strippers are pulled by skidding tractors.


(chemical engineering)
An evaporative device for the removal of vapors from liquids; can be in a bubble-tray distillation tower, a vacuum vessel, or an evaporator; if it is a part of a distillation column below the feed tray, it is called the stripping section.
A hand or motorized tool used to remove insulation from wires.
(petroleum engineering)
A well from which oil production is quite small. Also known as stripper well.


A liquid designed to remove coatings by chemical and/or solvent action.
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