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A conelike structure made up of sporophylls, or spore-bearing leaves, as in Equisetales.
The cone of members of the Pinophyta.



a sporebearing spikelet on the end of a shoot in many higher plants, including the Lycopodiophyta, Sphenophyl-lales, Calamitales, Equisetum, and Spermatophyta. Strobili bear sporophylls, which are the modified leaves upon which the spore-bearing organs—sporangia—develop. Cones are regarded by some botanists to also be strobili, whereas other botanists believe that they are entire aggregates of strobili (inflorescences).

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seed-scales complex: Spirally arranged scales on a female strobilus in gymnosperms.
However, in many conifers the ovulate strobilus is very non-conelike.
The high rate of sarcotesta at Wanderer's Cave between 15 and 20 cm depth is probably the result of an individual event where a whole strobilus of fresh seeds with adhering sarcotesta was cooked in a fire.
PPVT-R = Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-Revised (Dunn & Dunn, 1981); Denver II = Denver II Screening Test (Pedromonico, Bargatto, & Strobilus, 1999).
Caught a tartar in Strobilus over course and distance on penultimate start - that rival boosted the form considerably when just touched off in Group 1 Gran Criterium next time
This is assumed to have occurred previous to any aggregation of sporophylls into a strobilus.
He was once again well fancied for his nursery debut over today's course and distance on his next start, but he had the misfortune to bump into Strobilus, in receipt of just 6lb, who proved three lengths too good.
Don (1837) or on the fossil genus Strobilus Hildreth (1837).
FRANKIE DETTORI was in Group 1-winning form yesterday in Italy when Kirklees got up on the line to short-head Strobilus and give Mark Johnston his third victory in Italy's most prestigious two-year-old race.
Megasporophylls not organized into a determinate strobilus but, rather,
micropyle with respect to the central axis of the strobilus is