(construction-financial plan), in the USSR, the annual production-economic plan of a construction organization. The primary purpose of preparing a stroifinplan is to set forth a system of technical-economic indexes and measures to ensure that state plan targets are met.

Stroifinplans are prepared by construction and installation trusts, administrations, the equivalent organizations to which the Statute on the Socialist State Production Enterprise applies, and the construction and installation administrations within trusts. The trusts that exercise only economic direction do not prepare stroifinplans; they prepare only consolidated construction plans and a plan for labor, wages, and profits. The stroifinplan is coordinated with the production-economic plans of all trust subunits.

The stroifinplan provides for utilization of the achievements of scientific and technological progress and maximum utilization of internal reserves of production. It is based on progressive standards pertaining to the duration of construction, construction stocks, labor and materials outlays, and the utilization of production assets and working capital. A thorough technical-economic analysis of economic activity precedes the preparation of the stroifinplan.

The stroifinplan is prepared in two stages. In the first stage, the basic plan indexes are drawn up in draft form. They are to be confirmed later and include the list of projects to be brought into operation, the volume of construction and installation work at the projects and work stages (in multistage projects) to be completed in the plan year and turned over to customers, labor productivity, the wage fund, and profits. In September and October of the year preceding the plan year, the draft plan is submitted to a superior organization, where it is reviewed and used in the preparation of the consolidated draft plan.

The second stage begins when the state plan for national economic development is confirmed and the various construction organizations have received the established plan targets.

The stroifinplan has several sections, including the construction plan, the plan for technological development and more efficient production, and the work plan for “own” and leased equipment. Other sections deal with the labor and wage plan, the work plan for subsidiary operations, the material resources plan, the plan for internally financed capital investments, the overhead expenses estimate, the plan for construction profits and prime costs of production, the plan for the establishment and use of economic incentive funds, the financial plan, and the plan for the social development of the organization’s collective.

Construction and installation administrations and equivalent organizations prepare annual stroifinplans for all such plan sections. with the exception of the plan for internally financed capital investment and the plan for establishment and use of economic incentive funds. Construction and installation trusts and equivalent organizations prepare stroifinplans on the basis of plans submitted by subordinate organizations; the plans for internally financed capital investment and for the establishment and use of economic incentive funds are prepared independently.

The initial data for the preparation of stroifinplans are the yearly breakdowns of the organizations” five-year plans, the confirmed annual plan targets, itemized lists of customers, and construction projects and estimates.

All the various divisions and services of a construction and installation organization help prepare the stroifinplan. The stroifinplan is reviewed and discussed at a production conference and is confirmed by the organization’s director no later than 1½ months after confirmation of the state plan for national economic development. Within two weeks, the contents of the stroifinplan are made known to all the organization’s executants.


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