(Construction Publishing House), a central scientific and technical publishing house within the system of the State Committee on Publishing, Printing, and the Book Trade of the USSR. Located in Moscow, it was established in 1932 as a successor to the editorial office for materials dealing with construction within the State Scientific and Technical Publishing House. In 1934 it became the Chief Editorial Office for Construction Literature of the Joint Scientific and Technical Publishing House of the People’s Commissariat for Heavy Industry of the USSR. An independent publishing house since 1938, it later included the Machine-building Publishing House, the State Publishing House for Architecture and Urban Planning, the Industrial Construction Publishing House, and the Publishing House of the Ministry of Housing and Municipal Economy of the RSFSR. It was known as Gosstroiizdat (The Industrial Construction Publishing House) of Gosstroi (The State Committee for Construction) from 1950 to 1963, and has been called Stroiizdat since 1964.

Stroiizdat publishes scientific, scientific-technical, industrial-technical, and reference works, materials on specifications and norms, and popular science literature. It also publishes instructional posters and textbooks for higher educational institutions and specialized secondary and vocational-technical schools, and 16 journals devoted to architecture, construction, the construction-materials industry, and housing and the municipal economy.

Stroiizdat’s most important publications include Stroitel’stvo v SSSR 1917–1967 gg. (Construction in the USSR, 1917–1967), a series on the architecture of the Union republics, the series Spravochnik proektirovshchika promyshlennykh, zhilykh i ob-shchestvennykh zdanii (Designer’s Guide for Industrial, Residential, and Public Buildings), the subscription publication Vseobshchaia istoriia arkhitektury (World History of Architecture), and the series Zashchita okruzhaiushchei sredy (Environmental Protection) and Ekonomika stroitel’stva (Construction Economics). In 1975, Stroiizdat issued 1,088 titles in editions totaling 23,109,000 copies, or 8,344 publisher’s record sheets.


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