Stroitelnaia Gazeta

Stroitel’naia Gazeta


(Construction Newspaper), a national newspaper; organ of the State Committee on Construction of the USSR and of the Central Committee of the Construction and Building-materials Workers” Trade Union. The newspaper is issued three times per week in Moscow. The first issue appeared on Apr. 23, 1924, under the title Postroika (Building); the title was changed to Stroitel’nyi rabochii (Construction Worker) on Dec. 20, 1937. In March 1939 the newspaper merged with Arkhitekturnaia gazeta (Architectural Newspaper) and adopted its present title. Publication was interrupted in June 1941 and resumed on Sept. 1, 1954. Stroitel’naia gazeta was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1974. Circulation, 420,000 (1975).