strong tower

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keep, donjon

The stronghold of a medieval castle, usually in the form of a massive tower, and a place of residence, esp. in times of siege.
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West Central Michigan Media Ministries (Strong Tower Radio) has closed on its purchase of a Lansing, Michigan market AM CP and its associated FM translator.
“There are many local nonprofits like A Strong Tower Ministry who need reliable technology to enable them to fulfill their mission,” explains Seaber.
Thus Scripture states, The Name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous hastens to it and is set on high (Prov.
The rating is supported by the company's solid business profile with significant revenue visibility based on long-term contracts with major wireless network operators and very strong tower gross profit and consolidated EBITDA margins of 76.8% and 63.7%, respectively, in the three months to June 2010.
The author credits his mother whom he refers to as his "Strong Tower" with making his successful business possible by teaching him to believe in himself and God.
For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe." Andrew Cook
The answer is obvious enough, as borne out by a text that refers to Elizabeth as "a young strong tower" set against the "old ruin" that is Mary.
That is my strong tower, my immovable rock, my staff that never gives way.