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Said of a load-bearing member, element, etc., of a building.
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to see more CCTV images from the raid and help to identify the robber TARGETED: The Costcutter shop in Birkdale Road, Hartburn, where an armed robber struc
Although the visualisations are intended to reflect the struc ture of the music, the aim is to deliver the didactic aspect of the show with a light touch.
Growing up in Kent, the middle of three children, Jo always wanted to be a come struc a "ba socia to be She patie healt the p as a charg gency He healt a de NHS throu c om Getti she com Bafta Now edian but her social worker mum and ctural engineer dad advised her to get a "ck-up career".
But a Gateshead Council spokesman said today: "Structural engineers have now inspected the barns and concluded that the majority of the struc ture is in a dangerous condition and should be demolished as soon as possible in the interests of public safety.