Structural stability

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structural stability

[′strək·chər·əl stə′bil·əd·ē]
Property of a differentiable flow on a compact manifold whose orbit structure is insensitive to small perturbations in the equations governing the flow or in the vector field generating the flow.

Structural stability

The relative structural soundness of an existing building or structure based on current and projected dead load, live load, wind, and seismic load factors.
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Tenders are invited for Structural Stability Test Of Head Gear Structure At No.
style="font-weight: 400On the basis of these studies, a report will be compiled for the structural stability of the mosque and its conservation.
MoU: A memorandum of understanding (MoU) will be signed between Lahore Development Authority and Pakistan Engineering Council on Wednesday (today) under which both organisations will collaborate with each other for effective implementation of building by-laws in Lahore in order to ensure structural stability of high-rise buildings and provision of safety standards.
He also assessed the structural stability of the permanent shelters that had been built after receiving complaints that substandard materials were used.
In previous studies, the effects of flocculants on structural stability were ignored, and thickened tailings slurries were simplified as Bingham plastic fluid in pipeline transportation, whose flow properties were time-independent [5].
The structural stability is especially vulnerable on buildings which are built on hill slopes, on land which has improper earth fill or problems relating to extensive dampness, which, with this dry climate, is not excusable to be left untreated.
The structural stability is especially vulnerable on buildings which are built on slopes, on land which has improper earth fill and/or problems relating to extensive damp.
Only 28 medium- and high-rise buildings older than 15 years old have submitted certificates of structural stability required by law, according to the Makati City Hall.
The authors address the stability of motion and structural stability, mechanisms of the emergence of irreversible behavior in deterministic systems, motion chaotization occurring in dissipative systems, and the appearance of fractal structures.
A HSE spokesperson said: "All work other than the assessment of the structural stability of the site has been prohibited."
In the article titled "Structural Stability, Transitions, and Interactions within SoxYZCD-Thiosulphate from Sulfurimonas denitrificans: An In Silico Molecular Outlook for Maintaining Environmental Sulphur Cycle" [1], we found three sentences that need to be modified in the third section: Results and Discussion.
CRITICAL ISSUES: A loss of both function and structural stability in skin proceeds unavoidably as individuals age, which is the result of both intrinsic and extrinsic processes, which contribute simultaneously to a progressive loss of skin integrity.

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