Structure Contour

structure contour

[′strək·chər ‚kän‚tu̇r]
A contour that portrays a structural surface, such as a fault. Also known as subsurface contour.

Structure Contour


a line of equal absolute or relative marks on the surface of a geological body, for example, a bed, vein, fault, or thrust nappe. Structure contours are used in the drawing up of structure-contour maps.

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Contract Awarded for structure contours and isoparchs for galilee basin and eroma
Under the effect from the pressure, in-place generated resources fluids migrate laterally, along the carrier bed, towards the basin flanks in directions perpendicularly to the regional structure contours [11].
Applications such as regional groundwater modeling require digitizing, reconciliation, and assembly of a digital elevation model, bathymetry, offshore geology, soils, surficial geology, all public domain drillhole, geophysical, and geochemical data, bedrock maps, and existing stratigraphic models typically expressed as structure contours.

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