Structure Contour

structure contour

[′strək·chər ‚kän‚tu̇r]
A contour that portrays a structural surface, such as a fault. Also known as subsurface contour.

Structure Contour


a line of equal absolute or relative marks on the surface of a geological body, for example, a bed, vein, fault, or thrust nappe. Structure contours are used in the drawing up of structure-contour maps.

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The structure contour map indicates that the mineralized formation in the Makoko area is within 1,000 meters (m) of the surface.
The structure contour maps of both Bahariya and Kharita Formations are shown in Figure 12.
The generated hydrocarbons will migrate in the directions of the arrows shown on the structure contour maps of Bahariya and Kharita (Figures 12(a) and 12(b)) to the higher level at the direction of the well MMX-1 in which Bahariya has higher shale and limestone percentages (Table 1) that can work as lateral seals in addition to the impermeable limestone cap rock of Abu Roash Formation.
Caption: Figure 12: Structure contour maps of Bahariya (a) and Kharita (b) Formations.
Contract Awarded for structure contours and isoparchs for galilee basin and eroma
Under the effect from the pressure, in-place generated resources fluids migrate laterally, along the carrier bed, towards the basin flanks in directions perpendicularly to the regional structure contours [11].
Applications such as regional groundwater modeling require digitizing, reconciliation, and assembly of a digital elevation model, bathymetry, offshore geology, soils, surficial geology, all public domain drillhole, geophysical, and geochemical data, bedrock maps, and existing stratigraphic models typically expressed as structure contours.

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