Struik, Dirk Jan

Struik, Dirk Jan


Born Sept. 30, 1894, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. American mathematician.

Struik received his Ph.D. degree at the University of Leiden in 1922. Between 1917 and 1924 he was an assistant mathematician at the Technological University of Delft. In 1926 he joined the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, USA.

Struik’s principal works deal with tensor calculus and differential geometry. Some of his publications on differential geometry were coauthored by the Dutch mathematician J. A. Schouten. Struik has also written on the history of mathematics.


Theory of Linear Connections. Berlin, 1934.
A Concise History of Mathematics, vols 1–2. New York, 1948.
In Russian translation:
Ocherk istorii differentsial’noi geomelrii do XX stoletiia. Moscow-Leningrad, 1941.
Kratkii ocherk istorii matematiki, 2nd ed. Moscow, 1969.
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