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a monastery in southern Serbia, near the city of Kraljevo. Studenica, a group of outstanding examples of medieval Serbian architecture, was founded in the late 12th century by Prince Stefan Nemanja. The most impressive building of the ensemble is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin (1183–96), a single-nave structure of the RaSka school featuring Byzantine composition and facades decorated with Romanesque-style sculptures. The interior frescoes date from 1209 and the 13th and 16th centuries. Other buildings in the monastery include the Church of St. Joakim and St. Ana, known as the King’s Church (1314; frescoes, early 14th century), and the Church of St. Nikola (late 13th century; frescoes of the same period). There are remains of fortress walls, of a tower, and of a refectory. The vestry contains a large collection of Serbian icons, manuscripts, and works of decorative and applied art.


Studenica. Belgrade, 1968.
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Jelena Erdeljan's study of 'Studenica and the Life Giving Tree' investigates what she says is 'the defining element [...] of the Holy Wood of the Life Giving Cross through which earthly and heavenly paradise are (re)united into one' (p.
Studenicke akademije; 2010 jun 9-12; Studenica (Manastir Studenica), Srbija.
The winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars used in the trial were Takovcanka, Studenica, Kg- 56, Kg-100, Toplica, Matica and Lazarica.
Gracanica, and another in the Royal Church at Studenica, both in what is
A la hora de representar a Isabel y Ana, esto no parece haber supuesto ningun conflicto, ya que ninguna cuestion religiosa impedia mostrar que habian parido con dolor, y por ello seran representadas en posicion yacente, llevandose la mano al vientre (8), dando la espalda al recien nacido, o apoyandose en las parteras que les ayudan a hacer fuerza (vease por ejemplo la figura de Ana incluida en la escena del Nacimiento del Monasterio de Studenica, Serbia, s.
X (32) no quedaron circunscritas a la practica obstetrica, sino que estuvieron presentes a la hora de elaborar la representacion visual del nacimiento de Maria en el monasterio de Studenica (s.
We can see that in Sava's own decision to move the remains of his father Saint Simeon from Chilandar on Mount Athos to Studenica Monastery in Serbia, a Votive Church of his father.
Other works of Saint Sava include Chilandar Typicon (Hilandarski tipik), Studenica Typicon (Studenicki tipik), The Life of St.
Especially fine examples of these, particularly of the "Nativity of the Virgin" and her "Presentation in the Temple", are to be found on the walls of the King's Church of the monastery of Studenica in Serbia.
Sophia in Ohrid (eleventh century); and monastic churches in Studenica (thirteenth and fourteenth centuries), and Gracanica and Queer (fourteenth century).
An energetic Albanian journalist of Bektashi origin, Myrteza Studenica, has established a Kosovar-Jewish Committee with the aim of refurbishing the old Sephardic cemetery in Prishtina, re-establishing the old synagogue in the original marketplace (the latter destroyed under Tito in the 1950s, along with a historic mosque), and identifying other Jewish holy places in the territory.
1190) built in the Studenica Monastery, which became the prototype for later churches and sepulchral monuments of members of the Nemanjic dynasty.

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