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A laptop computer that weighs less than four pounds. In order to reduce weight, subnotebooks, also called "Ultrabooks" or "ultralights," often eliminate built-in CD/DVD drives. However, if optical discs are required when traveling, an external drive in the travel bag generally adds more weight than a built-in drive.

The Mini Laptop/Netbook
In the 2007 time frame, subnotebooks called "mini laptops" and "netbooks" made their debut, the latter term coined by Intel for machines that use its Atom processor. Weighing up to three pounds, mini laptops/netbooks have screens from 8 to 10" (see netbook). For features of portable computers, see laptop. See ultrathin laptop, notebook and Ultrabook.

The Trend Setter
In 1998, Sony popularized the subnotebook class with its VAIO (pronounced "vy-o") 505G at three pounds and less than an inch thick. To reduce traveling weight, floppy and CD-ROM drives were external, and a docking station was included. (Image courtesy of Sony Corporation.)

Laptop and Netbook
The Acer netbook on the right sports an 8.9" screen compared to 15" on its big brother to the left. Netbooks sacrifice keyboard and screen size for portability.
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British company Elonex have revealed they will soon begin selling their own Linux-powered sub-notebook - at the amazing price of just pounds 99.
Though the Apple machine would be built with Japanese customers in mind, officials did not rule out the possibility that the sub-notebook computer, if successful, might eventually be distributed in other markets including the United States.
Evidence of this trend lies in the 80386, 80486 and Pentium-based notebook and sub-notebook computers that are now taking the world by storm.
TAIS), recently unveiled the Portege T3400 ultra-portable computer series that offers industry first technologies including a color TFT-LCD active matrix screen first in a sub-notebook form factor, local-bus to enhance Windows performance, Toshiba's integrated pointing device for ease of use, and a Lithium-Ion battery to provide up to eight hours of battery life.
The report begins with an introduction section comprising an overview of the personal computer (PC) sector including their usage in various aspects of modern life followed by brief information on various types of personal computers including the Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Sub-notebook, Rugged PC, Netbook, Tablet PC and mobile PC devices.
It also means they can plug into a laptop - like my Dell sub-notebook - and provide sound when you're watching a DVD.
2-pound Toughbook CF-R1 sub-notebook, the most durable, power efficient and technologically advanced computer in its class.
Intel has also launched the 500Mhz Ultra Low Voltage mobile Celeron, a mobile PC microprocessor for the value sub-notebook segment.
3m) in the first half, but has hopes for the second half following the launch of netBook, a sub-notebook aimed at the corporate market offering mobile workers access to the internet and company intranets.
If all the 701c had going for it was its keyboard that unfolds to full-size, this sub-notebook computer wouldn't make the cut.
But Sony isn't an outfit prone to snoozing on its laurels and it's given its dinky sub-notebook a facelift.
According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, NEC will be launching a sub-notebook style computer from its Mobile Gear range in mid- July.