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A species which may appear more abundant at particular times of the year than the true dominant in a climax; for example, in a savannah trees and shrubs are more conspicuous than the grasses, which are the true dominants.
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in music, one of the three harmonic functions; also, the chord situated a fifth below the tonic and indicated by S. The basis of the subdominant chord is the fourth degree of a scale, which is itself called the subdominant. Chords based on the second and sixth degrees also have subdominant functions. The subdominant gravitates more to the tonic than does the dominant because it contains the tonic’s basic tone. The alternation of subdominants and dominants most clearly defines a scale’s gravitation. The tonality of a tonic’s subdominant is called the subdominant key.

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17-18 yields dominant to subdominant to mediant to dominant seventh in second inversion to tonic, creating smooth voice leading between the root position triad and the inverted seventh chord, and prolonging the dominant function until its resolution to tonic.
After all, he writes that his particular division between dominants and subdominants "entails a fair amount of theoretical choice, one might even say whimsy" (p.
2e, f), with a subdominant finer silt population (20-25 [micro]m) also apparent in the B horizons.
vagus in egg-feeding [140] suggests that this complex of species feed on eggs and preimaginal stages of the species from the dominant and subdominant groups.
Thus, we first aimed to assess whether short-term DC therapy pulsed with subdominant determinants better protected NOD from T1D compared to unpulsed DC.
The greater availability of bare ground in habitats with bison suggests a greater availability of safe sites for new seedling or ramet establishment by subdominant or understory forbs.
However, community composition of the two species that were subdominant during the outbreak increased between 2000 and 2001 (Fig.
On the other hand, differences in bacterioplankton were associated with variations in the relative abundances of the subdominant groups in each lake, as was observed in the higher contribution of Actinobacteria in the turbid lakes, and particularly in the higher proportion of Gammaproteobacteria, Betaproteobacteria and Cytophaga in the phytoplankton turbid one.
The relation that was chosen most frequently was deemed the dominant relation and the other was the subdominant relation.
In essence this study views the societal dominant racial culture as the locally subdominant racial culture, and thus CRT fits as an appropriate theoretical framework.