Sublime Porte

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Porte, Sublime


the name once used for the government of the Ottoman Empire in European diplomatic documents and literature. It was also known as the Ottoman Porte, the High Gate, or the Gate of the Eminent. Occasionally, the Ottoman Empire itself was called the Sublime Porte.

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Russian's intrusion in Moldavia on 4th July 1853 and taking over the Bucharest on 25th July 1853 was the moment that forced the Romanian leaders to take attitude for or against Russia, and for the Sublime Porte, Great Britain and France a "casus belli".
Russian Embassy in 13 Jornada 1331 AH/February 15, 1913, writes to Sublime Porte: "...
Whereas the Sublime Porte initially turned a deaf ear to Mgr Hubaysh's Lebanism, the Maronite Church used the latter to skillfully forge an alliance with France.
The situation deteriorated so rapidly that by 1854, the Sublime Porte was forced to seek help abroad in the form of a loan raised in London.
And from this reason, the Sublime Porte re-established by the Sultan and all the administrative organs of the Ottoman State bore similarity to those in Europe.
Venice had the largest Mediterranean war-galley fleet, and the keenest sense of the Sublime Porte's longterm strategy--having watched Ottoman forces pick off its trade- and naval-stations one by one.
Mehmed Ali was enthusiastic about Galloway's plans, but Galloway died in 1836, and in 1840, Mehmed Ali's attempts to modernise Egypt and free it from Ottoman control were halted by the British supporters of the Sublime Porte. With Britain's French rivals lobbying to replace the railroad priority with plans for a Suez Canal, the project was temporarily stalled.
For the Sublime Porte, and her mantua-makers for the Blue Beards of Constantinople?" Islam may have had its virtues, but it has remained a metaphor for many un-American activities.
Commodore David Porter, America's first diplomatic representative to the Sublime Porte, signed the treaty in Istanbul on October 3, 1831.
Hunt's acquisitive instincts far surpassed anything the Sublime Porte had in mind when it granted the firman.
While the Topkapi Palace has over the years been the subject of a number of studies, including Abdurrahman Seref's Topkapu Saray-i Humanuni (1910-11), Barnette Miller's Beyond the Sublime Porte (1931), N.
Les plus Uu[c]minents en apprendront plus aux franUuA*ais sur le monde musulman et les grands bouleversements qui le traversent, des rUu[c]sistances soudanaises Uu la conquUuo"te anglaise ou Uu la mise sous ranUuA*on de la Sublime Porte.