subliminal perception

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subliminal perception:

see perceptionperception,
in psychology, mental organization and interpretation of sensory information. The Gestalt psychologists studied extensively the ways in which people organize and select from the vast array of stimuli that are presented to them, concentrating particularly on visual
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Dutch researcher Martijn Veltkamp has revealed that subliminal messages motivate people to do things that they already wanted to do, reports Science Daily.
Minor celebrities like Geri Halliwell, Lorraine Kelly and Carol Vorderman can be seen grinning thinly from the covers of fitness videos with the subliminal message that you, too, can look like them (no thanks).
The subliminal message was clear: The candidate that I support is God's candidate as well,'' Godinez said in his letter to Mahony.
If there's supposed to be a subliminal message, I don't get it.
How much longer can we afford to send the overt and subliminal message that we value our shopping and entertainment venues more than the schools that educate our children?
The subliminal message worked and half of Europe was taken in by this brilliant sleight-of-hand.
They are planting a subliminal message in people's brain that reminds them of jeans every time they hear the track.
In their experiment, Greenwald's team jammed a name - the subliminal message - between two strings of letters and flashed it on a screen.
How can these images not send the subliminal message to young people that it's attractive to smoke?
I wonder if the same people would ask me if they could take away my wheelchair or callipers and leave me with the subliminal message that my image is only acceptable as long as it is "normal".
The subliminal message was clear - "You'll have to vote for us first.
Mentioning the two in the same paragraph sends a subliminal message to your readers.