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submachine gun

[¦səb·mə′shēn ‚gən]
A type of machine gun; a short-barreled shoulder firearm using pistol-type ammunition and capable of full automatic fire.

Submachine Gun


an individual automatic firearm. The submachine gun is designed to destroy enemy personnel in close battle, usually at distances of less than 200 m.

The first submachine guns, such as the Italian 1915 Revelli submachine gun and the German 1918 Bergmann, appeared during World War I and were more like standard machine guns. Submachine guns became widespread in World War II (1939–45) and were also called machine pistols. Submachine guns used in the Red Army were the PPD-40 designed by V. A. Degtiarev, the PPSh-41 of G. S. Shpagin, and the PPS-43 of A. I. Sudaev. The fascist German Army used 1938 and 1940 models (MR-38–40), the Americans used the M3, the British had the Sten, and the Finns had the Suomi. After the war, the old submachine-gun systems were replaced by new ones in the armed forces of the United States, Great Britain, the Federal Republic of Germany, and other countries. After the war, the Soviet armed forces adopted the M. G. Kalashnikov submachine guns, which have more powerful shells and a sighting range of up to 1,000 m.

Basic parts and mechanisms of submachine guns include barrel, receiver, breechblock, trigger mechanism, recoil spring, sights, butt, safety catch, and magazine. Some submachine guns have muzzle brakes, or replenishers, to decrease recoil and stabilize the gun during firing. To reduce the length and make them easier to carry, most submachine guns have folding-type metal stocks. The design of submachine guns makes possible automatic fire and, in some models, single-shot fire. In most submachine guns the automatic feature is based on the principle of a blow-back bolt. Ammunition is fed by box or drum-type magazines. Submachine guns ordinarily fire in short bursts of three to five shots each.


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Plain clothes personnel such as Air Force OSI or Army CID usually carry a concealed handgun, though CID personnel assigned to general officer protection teams in a combat zone will normally draw a carbine or submachinegun.
The officer says he was "told afterwards there were nine bullets in the headrest" from a submachinegun Asked if Chesney, as director of operations, ordered his shooting he told Radio Ulster "he could have, yes".
Army, is a short, compact, selective-fire weapon that fires a cartridge intermediate in power between a submachinegun and rifle cartridges.
Just like the famed submachinegun bearing the same name, UZI Knives are built tank-tough and budget-light, offering solid workmanship and focus on function.
A man who threatened a pub landlord with a Sterling submachinegun was jailed for 27 months by a court yesterday.
Taking the Piranha apart for cleaning is a marvelous sequence, akin to the system used in the Danish Madsen Model 1950 submachinegun. On the Piranha, a catch on the underside of the barrel shroud is flipped down and the shroud is slid forward.
Hill Wrote the book: The Thompson Submachinegun. This came out of his collection along with his Thompsons after he passed away.
Favourite rental guns include the Israeli-built Uzi submachinegun and the compact MAC - 1 0 machine-pistol from the US.
He sat against a cloth or canvas screen, his Russian-designed submachinegun propped beside him.
He aimed a stolen 9mm auto at a SWAT cop's head, and was quickly and justly dispatched with two short bursts from an MP5 submachinegun.
SIG representative Dani Navickas ran a range all day, allowing the public to shoot the semiautomatic SIG MP-X pellet submachinegun. The 30-round, belt-feed magazine provided a near-endless stream of lead that shooters could direct toward several SIG Texas Star action targets.
Aidan Radmall pleaded guilty to possession of more than EUR400,00 worth of drugs and an array of weapons including a submachinegun after a Garda seizure last June.