Submarine Work

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Submarine Work


construction work conducted underwater when building slipways and berths and laying pipelines or performing other similar operations.

Most submarine work operations are carried out directly by divers. They inspect and clear the bottom, take soil samples, do drilling and blasting work, assemble structures, and do underwater welding and cutting. Diving equipment for submarine work is located in the divers’ work stations on the shore, on the ice, or on special vessels, such as diving boats, barges, or dredges.

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"The companies have continued on with military build for Astute Class and Future Submarine work packages, however, volume work has been below expectations.
"ESD's experience in designing and developing manned and unmanned submersibles is a natural extension of the submarine work we do at Newport News Shipbuilding," said Matt Mulherin, HII corporate vice president and Newport News Shipbuilding president.
It went on: "MacTaggart Scott have concluded that being part of the UK offers the best prospects especially to enable continued submarine work.
We will build up to support them, but cross-train our people because the workload is not always sustainable for the submarine work," Naputi said.
Secondly, to compare costs with BAe is totally unfair as BAe has other work which could be used to offset the costs and make it look more efficient when being compared with Swan Hunter, such as submarine work. Also, the costs of design in building the leader ship should be shared equally between the four ships and not totally charged against Swan Hunter.
"As the submarine work comes to an end in Rosyth, there are going to be engineers looking to continue their employment and they may see Devonport as a job opportunity."
"We were very fortunate." In 2007 he got the chance to bid for the first round of the Astute class submarine work - a move that bore fruit when the work was finally confirmed the following year.
Babcock Naval Services, who manage the base, said a lack of demand for submarine work meant jobs would go.
'Operational ship and submarine work would be included,' Dennis Richmond, the company's head of facilities management said, yesterday.
The 390 job losses are due to nuclear submarine work being transferred to Devonport in England.

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