Submerged Arc Welding

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Welding, Submerged Arc


a type of arc welding in which a flux—a special welding material—is used to protect the weld pool from the effects of the surrounding air and to improve the conditions for formation of the weld.

Submerged arc welding promotes stable operating conditions, makes it possible to increase the welding current to 1,000–2,000 amperes and obtain a greater depth of penetration, and ensures that the weld is of high quality throughout its length.

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submerged arc welding

An arc-welding process resulting from heat from an arc drawn between a bare metal electrode and the work; the arc is shielded by a blanket of granular, fusible metal on the work; pressure is not used.
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The OK Autrod 13.20SC is a copper-coated low alloy wire for submerged arc welding. The EB3 wire is designed to weld creep-resistant steel of the 2.5% Cr--1% Mo type.
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Request TOC of this Report- SAW pipes are submerged arc welded pipes, commonly referred to as large-diameter weld pipes, manufactured by the submerged arc welding process.
Six tenders requesting local & international offers to supply (a) three stamping machines, (b) twelve special purpose welding machines providing for a complete system for full automatic submerged arc welding to fix the base & the two halves of the gas cylinder, (c) two automatic outside (external) polishing machines with circular table & circular post, (d) two automatic inside (internal) grinding (emery) machines with indexing table & inside grinding for the cover, (e) one knuckle type 600 tons joint press for forming & (f) an automatic bottom turning machine with manual load/ unload for the turning of the surface & the side wall of brazed aluminum discs for stainless steel pots.