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A subset of a space which, in the appropriate context, is a space in its own right.
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in mathematics, a set of elements of a space P that is itself a space in the same sense as P. For example, every set of elements of a metric space is a metric subspace. In a three-dimensional vector space R3, any line or plane is, respectively, a subspace R1 and R2 of R3

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To prove the estimation performance of the presented algorithm, we compare the estimation performance with that of the two-step localization method and the subspace method with the help of Monte Carlo experiments.
The subspace [H.sub.[infinity]] of system (1) is integrable.
In [9] and [26] it was shown that FEAST can be seen as subspace iteration with the matrix P.
where [mathematical expression not reproducible] is the projection matrix of the noise subspace. For (7), there are generally p pairs of roots that symmetrically distribute around the unit circle.
But the subspace identification algorithm can solve the relationship between the input and interference at the same time, because the relation between the two related function sequences cannot be completely determined, which leads to the higher dimension of the input matrix of the subspace computation matrix [19].
Qu, "Conditional Lie-Backlund symmetries and invariant subspaces to non-linear diffusion equations," IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, vol.
For k [member of] N, consider a sequence of Krein space contractions [A.sub.k] : [H.sub.k] [right arrow] [K.sub.k], where [H.sub.k] and [K.sub.k] are nested regular subspaces of some Krein spaces U and Y, respectively.
Random Subspace. It was introduced by Tim Ho [20] and consists of several base classifiers each operating in randomly chosen subspaces of the original feature space.
Then, if the feature subspaces of the ensemble classifier were made up of a few of these feature vectors, these subspaces will have a larger diversity.
(ii) L(Z) is embedded as a topological vector subspace of L(G) if and only if Z is metrizable and zero-dimensional.
Estimate a restored image in the J-dimensional subspace spanned by (EQUATION) as the form of