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A subset of a space which, in the appropriate context, is a space in its own right.



in mathematics, a set of elements of a space P that is itself a space in the same sense as P. For example, every set of elements of a metric space is a metric subspace. In a three-dimensional vector space R3, any line or plane is, respectively, a subspace R1 and R2 of R3

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According to subspace identification method, the subspace predictor matrices can be directly computed from input-output data.
Estimate a restored image in the J-dimensional subspace spanned by (EQUATION) as the form of
In this work, eigenspace spanned by the eigenvectors of the within-class scatter matrix is decomposed into a reliable subspace, an unstable subspace and a null subspace.
alpha]] is closed in the subspace [mathematical expression not reproducible] for every e [member of] E.
We can make the former basic matrix as a projection matrix, and get the final classification features of human faces through projecting and extracting in the optimal identification subspace.
Here, given a join subspace consisting of n segments, [R.
Let Y be a proximinal subspace of a Banach space X, x [member of] X and [epsilon] > 0.
ei], are excited by the unit force at the same location "i", those FRFs exist on the subspace, [[H].
Augmented Krylov subspace methods have been proposed for efficiently solving a sequence of linear systems with a slowly changing coefficient matrix, allowing important spectral information generated while solving [A.
In next subsection, a recursive subspace identification method is introduced.
Subspace is designed to help IT departments enable employee productivity with secure collaboration and access to data on any device.
n] are called multi-soft multi-equal if (F, A) is a multi-soft subspace of (H, B) and (H, B) is a multi-soft subspace of (F, A).