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(SUBSTitute) An external DOS/Windows command that creates a virtual drive, which is used as a shortcut to a folder. For example, the drive letter S: can be substituted for C:\SAM\BUDGETS and be used instead of that explicit folder reference. The command examples #1 and #2 below accomplish the same thing:
    D:\ANYWHERE>subst s: c:\sam\budgets

#1  D:\ANYWHERE>type s:myfile.txt

#2  C:\SAM\BUDGETS>type myfile.txt

To delete the S: virtual drive, type:
subst s: /d
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We now recall the Galois insertion of Def into ??(Subst).
Take one of your subdirectories, and at the DOS command prompt, enter SUBST F: C: [unkeyable]DIRECTORY[unkeyable]SUBDIRECTORY.
SUBST is an indicator variable which equals one if the company identifies itself in Best's Insurance Reports as writing high risk or "substandard" drivers, and zero otherwise.
Then eight minutes later Hernandez put subst itute Roberto Soldado through in a one-on-one with Ivankov and he made no mistake.
In this example, the substance concentration (subst. c.) of urate [uric acid and urate ion in equilibrium (2)] in plasma (P) is measured using a procedure based on an uricase/peroxidase method.
Only on line 128 of the entry, after three entire pages of such material, does one arrive at the definition: "subst. m.
Harlequins winger Tom Williams had bit into a fake blood capsule, so he could be subst ituted, al lowing the team to bring on a specialist kicker.
POSTAL entrants can, at the time of entry, to choose two subst i tute horses.
The infection rate in the general population is 2% (Subst. Use Misuse 36[4]:523-34, 2001).