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To improve permselectivity and membrane-forming ability of PDMS, we have prepared a new cross-linked hybrid membrane containing fluorine resulted from a fluorine-containing silicone resin substituent group, vinyl group, and inorganic framework.
Typical substituent groups include methyl, phenyl and trifluoropropyl.
Solubility is dependent on the substituent groups present on the barbituric acid.
The inhibitory effects of these HAQs might be related with the type and number of substituent groups on the molecular structure, and the stability and solubility of the particular compound.
The clusters without substituent groups were found to have quite modest acidity, both systems staying above 300 kcal/mol.
Further tests were run to oxidize the substituent groups on the Pc without changing the entire structure of the Pc.
Researchers showed that anionic substituent groups can be converted into silver salts that withstand washing.
The ideal PVC and CPVC stabilizer is considered to be a multifunctional material capable of fulfilling requirements 161: (i) provision of a shield for UV radiation, (ii) absorption and neutralization of HCI evolved, (iii) neutralization or inactivation of stabilizer degradation products, (iv) chain reaction disruption, (v) neutralization or inactivation of polymer impurities and displacement of labile substituent groups, such as the chlorine atom attached to a tertiary carbon atom.
In some of our latest ligands, we replace the nitrogen atom with oxygen, and then put various substituent groups on that.
The potency and mechanism(s) of the vasorelaxant effects of these xanthones may be relevant to the structure-activity differences in the level and the position of the substituent groups with the primary xanthone structure.