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a military element with a permanent organization and uniform composition that is organic to a larger subunit or military unit. A squad, platoon, company (battery or flight), and battalion (squadron) are all subunits unless they are separate.

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Moreover, several studies showed that 5+10 subunits combination at Glu-D1 locus provide superior dough quality than 2+12 subunits combination.
In Table 2 is possible to observe the mean value and the standard deviation of the physical-chemical characteristics of the swine effluent (ES) and the public supply water (AAP) applied by the dripper subunits.
Identification of HMW glutenin alleles and subunits was performed according to the methods described by Payne and Lawrence [2] and McIntosh et al.
We have analyzed NMDAR subunits level following induction of LTP by theta burst stimulation (TBS), in young adult rat hippocampus fresh slices.
Many deduced proteins encoding complex V or ATP-synthasc subunits are included in Table 1 along with the nuclear encoded ATP9 (GenBank accession no.
Scientists at Mississippi State University compared the total protein content and the compositions of the major protein and subunit peptides in different end products, as affected by different processing techniques.
We prepared four kinds of T[F.sub.1][beta] subunits labeled with [sup.15]N, [sup.13]C and [sup.2]H in the segments of residues 1-124, 1-271, 272-473, and 391-473, respectively.
Assembly of COX is a highly regulated process which integrates cytosolic and matrix protein synthesis of nuclear- and mitochondrial-encoded subunits (Figure 1).
ATP subunit has three isoforms, encoded by ATP5G1, ATP5G2, and ATP5G3 genes, respectively [25].
RGS22, a novel testis-specific regulator of G-protein signaling involved in human and mouse spermiogenesis along with GNA12/13 subunits. Biol.
(2008) identified three [alpha] integrin subunits and four (3 integrin subunits in the genome of N.
Bob Canfield had just provided Griff with purified hCG and its subunits, and we were going to characterize the proteins immunochemically.