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For inspiration on everything from picking the most on-trend varieties to styling them artfully, check out succulent new book, Prick, by Gynelle Leon, founder of London's only dedicated cacti shop.
Cactus and succulents are known hosts for a number of exotic pests and diseases including a deadly plant bacteria called Xylella fastidiosa which if established, has the potential to devastate a large number of common plant species in Australia and would be almost impossible to eradicate.
A subset of xerophytes, succulents are able to survive an irregular, unpredictable, spotty or seasonal supply of water.
Beautiful but fragile and can't take much handling; the Succulent Society displays one in its greenhouse but doesn't propagate them for sale.
The double-H logo is a vertical garden displayed on a wall in the store's garden center, and filled with succulent plants, which live for years and require little water to survive.
Plant Guide: Maritime Succulent Scrub Region: Northwest Baja California, Mexico (Guia de Plantas de la regi n del matorral roset filo costero: noroeste de Baja California, Mexico)
Besides being able to store water in their stems and leaves, jade plants and other succulents have a couple of other tricks for solving this conundrum.
Chance, a professional gardener and member of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America and Colorado Cactus and Succulent Society, provides descriptions of many species of cacti, succulents, and companion plants that can thrive in colder, wetter climates if one follows his cultural tips for enhancing the hardiness of drought-tolerant plants.
The team then sifted through the literature on the timing of diversification in other succulents from regions around the globe.
In container gardens, succulents are a class of plants that come to the rescue in strangely beautiful forms.
Succulent Container Gardens: Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy-Care Plants offers a fine guide to combining, planting and nurturing succulents in containers ranging from hanging baskets to topiaries and miniature landscapes, floral arrangements and more.