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(so͝od), swampy region, c.200 mi (320 km) long, and c.150 mi (240 km) wide, central South Sudan, E central Africa. It is fed by the Bahr el Jebel, the Bahr el Ghazal, and the Bahr el Arab, headwaters of the Nile. Thick aquatic vegetation (sudd) disperses the river water into numerous channels. About half the water is lost through evaporation and absorption before leaving the Sudd.

The vegetation hinders navigation and long barred attempts to trace the Nile to its source. An Egyptian expedition first succeeded in crossing the Sudd in 1840. It took much effort to clear (1899–1903) a channel for regular navigation, and constant maintenance is necessary to keep it open. Construction on a canal to circumvent the Sudd and drain swampland for agriculture began in 1978 but was suspended in 1983.

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2 Torrwch y braster oddi ar y stec a'i dorri yn stribedi a rhowch yn y cymysgedd sudd oren i fwydo am o leiaf 20 munud.
The Sudd is also important for the region's pastoralist communities.
En efecto, uno lo hace cuando junto al Sudd le toca el privilegio de tamana revelacion: 359 poemas que son "especimenes unicos".
The investigative and exploring process is to be soon next as the time is moving closer to going down into the Sudd by the divers.
Pictured are: Whole Foods, Jim Sudd, executive VP of business development and Norah Smith, vice president of real estate, Jacqueline glinger and Chase Welles of SCG Retail.
Roedd sudd yr aeron yn arfer cael ei ddefnyddio er mwyn llifo deunyddiau.
After Mongalla, the Bahr Al Jabal enters the enormous swamps of the Sudd region of Sudan.
Not to mention the frankly gobsmacking stupidity of the plan to drain the Sudd wetland in Sudan in order to provide Egypt's growing population with a bit more water (Draining Africa's Eden).
I'm not like th who work in a ch factory and sudd off chocolate.
The pollution caused by the oil industry also threatens the Sudd tropical wetlands which cover a 30,000 kilometer area.
The oil extraction and refining threatens the health of Sudan's Sudd wetlands, one of the world's largest mazes of swamps and lagoons.
Southern Sudan also has a rich ecosystem and the largest freshwater wetland in Africa, the Sudd.

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