Mount Elgon

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Elgon, Mount

(ĕl`gŏn), extinct volcano, central Africa, on the Kenya-Uganda border. Its highest peak is Wagagai (14,178 ft/4,321 m). The inhabitants of Mt. Elgon's densely populated lower slopes cultivate arabica coffee, tea, bananas, and millet.
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Second, passion enables individuals to identify distinctive patterns and relationships from information in the environment and thereby engage in creative problem solving (Amabile, 1997), and to follow new and creative paths of action (Cardon, Sudek, & Mitteness, 2009; Liu, Chen, & Yao, 2011).
According to Sudek (2006), the management team and exit options are also important.
Richard Sudek, Why Working With Entrepreneurs Is Different, 38 LITIG.
We seek to contribute to the literature on passion that is experienced by entrepreneurs, not that which is displayed or perceived by others (Breugst, Domurath, Patzelt, & Klaukien, 2012; Chen, Yao, & Kotha, 2009; Mitteness, Sudek, & Cardon, 2012), or passion that is more generalized.
Organized like a feverish stream of consciousness, with work scattered high and low on deep purple walls, "Collected Shadows" included pieces by the likes of Robert Frank, Gustave Le Gray, and Josef Sudek, surrounded with images by anonymous or little-known authors.
Sudek (2006) also argues that most of the literature up to 2006 was concerned with VCs evaluations, while specific research on BAs investment evaluations is rare.
Cardon, Sudek, and Mitteness (2009) investigated the influence of perceived passion on angel investing having angels watch videotaped presentations 15 minutes in duration, followed by a 15 minute question and answer period.
Coster, Knud Lonberg-Holm, and Werner Mantz; classic night photography of the 1930s-1950s by Brassai, Brandt, Winogrand, Robert Frank, Andre Kertesz, William Klein, and Weegee; mid-20th-century photographs by Grossman, John Cohen, Louis Faurer, Otto Steinert, Josef Sudek, and Pim Van Os; and photos from the latter part of the last century by Deutsch, Robert Adams, Patrick Faigenbaum, Daido Moriyama, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Stephen Tourlentes.
The exhibition features a range of European photographers= Erwin Blumenfeld, Roland Penrose, Raoul Ubac, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Josef Sudek, Vaclav Zykmund and Maurice Tabard.
Foi dessa experiencia que Sudek criou o conceito de "available light", ou seja, a luz disponivel, sem qualquer acrescimo de iluminacao artificial, buscando um apagamento quase absoluto do artificio.
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