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a river in Briansk Oblast, RSFSR, and in Chernigov Oblast, Ukrainian SSR; a right tributary of the Desna River (Dnieper basin). The Sudost’ River is 208 km long and drains an area of approximately 6,000 sq km. Its source is on the southern edge of the Smolensk Plateau. The Sudost’ is fed mainly by snow, and its high-water period is in March and April. The mean flow rate 25 km from the mouth is 18.9 cu m per sec. The river freezes in November or December and opens up in late March or early April. Located on the Sudost’ is the city of Pochep.

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In Dresden, the municipal housing society, Sudost Woba (sold to a private investor in early 2006), selected "nasty neighbors" and concentrated them within 100 apartments "with the plainest standard" (Eick, 2007b).
The assignment relates to the reconstruction of 220/380 kV substation Sudost and 220 kV substation Wallsee.
Depending on the Model, the SMB-A2 axial robot can also be used to erect, close, palletize and store cartons but for the fullest information, readers should contact Gerhard Schubert GmbH at Industriegebiet Sudost, Hofackerstrasse 7, D-74564 Crailsheim, Germany.
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