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a. a ground for legal action; matter giving rise to a lawsuit
b. the lawsuit itself
2. (in the philosophy of Aristotle) any of four requirements for a thing's coming to be, namely material (material cause), its nature (formal cause), an agent (efficient cause), and a purpose (final cause)
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any immediate, or more indirect, factor precipitating an outcome. See also CAUSALITY AND CAUSAL RELATIONSHIP.
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a phenomenon that directly determines or gives rise to another phenomenon, the effect. In the real world all phenomena and processes are in a state of universal connection and interaction. The concept of “cause” presupposes the singling out of a particular group of phenomena or a system, within the framework of which a causal relation is established between particular phenomena and processes.

Every phenomenon is grounded in several others and is determined by them, its causes. In the process of cognition the researcher inevitably goes beyond the mere description of facts and turns to an investigation of the laws of their origin, development, and functioning, seeking the causes that determine the corresponding properties of a particular object. The movement of thought from description to causal explanation is the movement of cognition from outer to inner, from phenomenon to essence.

As the basis and essence of the effect, the cause functions as the originating and determining element in the relationship between phenomena. The interconnection and mutual conditioning of phenomena take an innumerable variety of forms. Accordingly, the types of causes are extremely diverse. In modern science causes are classified by the most varied criteria. Thus, depending on the nature of the causal relations, causes are classified as ideal and material, informational and energetic (energeticheskie), dynamic and statistical, simple and compound, single-factor and multiple-factor, systemic and nonsystemic, external and internal, primary and nonprimary, objective and subjective, and so on.

It is customary to distinguish the cause from the circumstances of its operation. In the social sciences, causes are distinguished from reasons—the processes contributing to the formation and manifestation of causes. Consideration of the diversity of phenomena gives rise to the conception of causality as a fundamental feature of reality.


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Actions, omissions, events, conditions, or a combination thereof, which led to the accident or incident investigation (ICAO).
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(d) Before launching a fraud investigation, Michael should determine whether there is sufficient cause or reason for an investigation.
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You have further failed to show any sufficient cause with regard to the allegations made by you against the Leaders of Opposition in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha," the letter added.
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The Commission was due to respond within two months to Ryanair's complaint about this aid - if only to inform Ryanair that there was no sufficient cause to rule on the matter or adopt a decision.
The Evelyns' marriage would "be dissolved" on the grounds of adultery "unless sufficient cause can be shown to the Court why this decree should not be made absolute within Six Months." Heygate was "condemned" to pay Waugh's costs.
That 48 health care workers at the hospital, in keeping with the Hippocratic Oath, cared for the protesters as they would for any patient was sufficient cause for the arrest, imprisonment and torture of these workers.
A clause also would allow the city to end the agreement, should it have sufficient cause. Vulcan expects to operate the new quarry for between 30 and 50 years.
But because many respondents also said they felt they could remain impartial about the case, McCrea said, he didn't feel he had sufficient cause to ask Judge Richard Barrons for a change of venue.
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If the House is not called to session, or the declaration of the state of emergency has not been presented to it, then the state of emergency shall cease to exist according to the Constitution." Shawqhi Al-Qhadhi told the Yemen Times that what happened Friday is not a sufficient cause for calling a state of emergency.