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Suffolk sheep,

relatively large breed, developed in England, well-known for its high quality meat. Considered to be a recent introduction to the United States, the breed has many desirable qualities and is becoming widely accepted there. Suffolks have bare heads, black faces, and bare black legs but no horns. They breed aggressively and have upstanding carriage, an active nature, the capacity for rapid growth, and a good mutton build; they are, however, relatively light fleece producers. Suffolk rams are widely used with ewes of other breeds to produce crossbred lambs for slaughter.

Suffolk Sheep


a breed of early-maturing sheep raised for meat and for their semifine wool. The Suffolk breed was developed in the second half of the 19th century in Suffolk, Great Britain, by crossbreeding Norfolk horned ewes with Southdown rams. Adult Suffolk rams weigh 100–120 kg, while ewes weigh 60–70 kg. Clip from rams is 5–6 kg, and from ewes, 3–3.5 kg. The wool is of 56th-58th grade and is 7–10 cm long. The yield of pure wool after washing is approximately 60 percent. Fertility is 130–140 lambs per 100 ewes. Suffolk sheep are raised in Great Britain, the USA, Austria, and other countries. In the USSR they have been used for crossbreeding.


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Blood samples of Suffolk sheep were obtained in heparinized vacutainers through jugular venepuncture and cultured in Cytogenetic Unit of the Department of Clinical Veterinary Science, Langford University of Bristol UK.
The trio were also picked for Anglesey's Suffolk sheep judging team, with the fourth berth going to Caitlin Jones (Bodedern).
From there she was asked to take on the role of Oxford Down Sheep Breeders' Association secretary and, in 1991, Suffolk Sheep Society promotion officer.
James, who also rears Suffolk sheep, said: "She is the smallest calf I have ever seen.
We raise Suffolk sheep, which are not as flighty as some breeds (we did have a Barbados Blackbelly and she was very high strung
Myfyr's huge bid shattered the breed record for a Suffolk sheep, which previously stood at 75,000gns.
The flock of 500 is made up of the 45 pedigree Suffolk sheep, plus 100 Suffolk Cross breeds and 340 North County Mules.
Under the programme 5,000 Suffolk sheep were narrowed down to 500 after ultrasound scanning and then down to two after a CT scan found the leanest.
This time, the Sloans destroyed all their Suffolk sheep.
SUSAN O'Keefe teaches children for a living and breeds champion Suffolk sheep in her free time.
The 6-month-old Suffolk sheep was among 30 breeds being snipped, brushed and shampooed for competition Wednesday on opening day of the Ventura County Fair.