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sugar substitute:

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substance used as a low-calorie sugar substitute. Saccharin, cyclamates, and aspartame have been the most commonly used artificial sweeteners. Saccharin, a coal-tar derivative three hundred times as sweet as sugar, was discovered in 1879.
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However the British Soft Drinks Association said that it was wrong to target sugar-free drinks, because they helped people maintain a low calorie diet.
Polar Krush founder Paul Goldfinch said: "Our aim was always to make our fun drinks a guilt-free treat, making them completely sugar-free and almost zero calorie.
Nearly 50 per cent of respondents were able to correctly identify the meaning of the term sugar-free, acknowledging that this means the product may contain artificial sweeteners 24 per cent said they would choose a sugar-free option over other variants.
I will bring you another great cheat treat recipe next week, happy sugar-free week.
Merchandising oral care products with sugar-free gum, Sherman says, helps drive sugar-free gum sales.
He said that sugar-free chocolates are more popular, adding that they account for 10 per cent of the company's customer demand.
My brother and niece both have it and, after interviewing both, they report that while there are many sugar-free products in stores, they are often hard to find.
As far as dental caries prevention is concerned, sugar-free products are far superior to sugar-containing products provided they do not contain acidic additives (acidulants).
Dubai People going in for certain diet sodas and sugar-free foods could well be poisoning themselves, warns a health expert.
London, Oct 11 (ANI): Chewing sugar-free gum could be just as bad for your teeth as the regular kind, experts say.
Hero Nutritionals LLC, San Clemente, CA, has introduced sugar-free gummy multivitamins for children and adults.