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They were asked to make various sugarfree cakes, gluten-free pittas and dairy-free ice cream.
What about sugarfree areas around schools where products with high levels are banned from being sold to kids?
Company announced it would be adding 155 new associates at its Flowery Branch, Georgia facility to support additional sugarfree gum production.
Even a single piece of sugarfree gum can be fatal for a 4.
It also specialises in sugarfree food, suitable for diabetics, and gluten-free food suitable for coeliacs, including gluten-free cakes and biscuits.
The group plans to refresh its menus by introducing items such as a sugarfree soft drinks range and a summer berry fruit pot.
No organic fruit or towels on there, although their six packets of Blue Xtra sugarfree chewing gum make sure the minty fresh all day.
Also, substitutes some sugarfree diet plans recommend, such as agave, palm sugar or honey, are actually just sugar in another form, and therefore using them is a huge contradiction.
Chewing gum can also help, but avoid sugarfree gum, which can upset your stomach.
There's also been a lot of feedback from major names in the weight loss industry that our products take away the sugar craving that many slimmers feel, even though they're totally sugarfree.
Sugarfree beverages are not a good alternative because the artificial sweeteners used in manufacturing come with their own health problems.