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What does it mean when you dream about a suitcase?

A dream about a suitcase can have a surprisingly large number of meanings. Some obvious associations are travel (which could also be a symbol of independence) and a place where we store things (which could represent feelings we have stuffed away).

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His tan leather suit case held personal records--letters, official records, diaries, newspaper clippings, even a 1920 hurling match ticket of the Dub v.
Upon searching his home, they found a medium sized suit case with three large plastic wraps of marijuana.
Ramadi (NINA) - Organizer of Falluja protest, Sheikh Khalid Hmoud, said that the protestors in Anbar have authorized a journalist to bring a suit case against the Central Government at the International Court of Justice at The Hague, on charges of the military opened fire a month ago at the protestors killing and wounding tens in Falluja.
Although fictional, Sunigin is wrapped in several real time stories about suit case nukes, DNA manipulation in the DARPA Super Soldier project, and the ongoing war that rages along the axis of the Rio Grande...
The same right is granted to the subject of the ruling or those filing a civil suit case or handling its defense.
The last meeting to discuss any political issue had taken place in October 2010, to debate the party's strategy on the Allahabad High Court verdict in the Ayodhya title suit case on September 30 that year.
Accounting the service improvement life cycle to trace sound designs for the market requirements and environment changes before and after the discovering or disclosure of ESI in suit case is needed.
Sept 24: High court's verdict on the title suit case is postponed.
Muslims have been disappointed because they considered the title suit case to be just that and expected an outcome along the lines of a cut-and-dried civil suit, while the judges clearly did not.
The items of bridal package included a double bed, prayer mat, mattress, blanket, pillows, suit case, dinner set, plastic utensils, tea set, bed sheet, a pair of chairs, iron, washing machine, sewing machine, and watch for the groom.
HOLLYWOOD star Mickey Rourke stunned airline staff when he turned up with a suit case weighing 5 1/2 -stone...
The University of Central Arkansas Bears are still packing in the Southland Conference--packing as in filling a suit case with clothes and hitting the road.