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What does it mean when you dream about a suitcase?

A dream about a suitcase can have a surprisingly large number of meanings. Some obvious associations are travel (which could also be a symbol of independence) and a place where we store things (which could represent feelings we have stuffed away).

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17 had left the Purple Garden Hotel suspiciously struggling to drag a large, pink suitcase.
Customs officials posted at the International Departure at Jinnah Airport Karachi stopped a couple and upon checking of their suspicious luggage, found 10kg of heroin from their suitcases.
The smart suitcase with sample explosives inside it on display at Arab Innovation Forum.
The infants were found stuffed in a purple suitcase in a ditch near County Road 602 in Wynne, the Cross County Sheriff's Office stated in a news release.
IT may be battered and scarred, but this suitcase has sparked a stampede among collectors of antique luggage.
JoGeep offers short-term renting of suitcases in different sizes for those travelers who do not always need to own a suitcase at home because of space concerns.
Louis Vuitton is considered the Rolls Royce of luggage and suitcase have been known to realise many thousands of pounds, PS20,000 for a really rare one.
By JESSICA GREEN A SUITCASE filled with PS1 MILLION of gems has been stolen from a Birmingham-bound train after a jewellery dealer left them on a luggage rack.
NYT Syndicate Your suitcase has taken on a life of its own.
If you've ever waited anxiously at an airport for your bag that resembles every other suitcase, this might be for you.
Summary: To get that picture of the exploding suitcase out of our minds, however, we spend half the night before the return journey packing and re-packing and weighing and re-weighing
A GRIEVING daughter is desperate to find a suitcase full of her mum's possessions which was mistakenly taken from her as she returned home from her funeral.