Sukhumi Drama Theater

Sukhumi Drama Theater


(full name S. Ia. Chanba Sukhumi Drama Theater), a theater founded in 1928. Abkhazian and Georgian companies have performed in the theater since it was founded.

The Abkhazian company’s best productions have included Shanshiashvili’s Anzor (1930), Chanba’s Ashkhadzhyr (1928), Gogol’s The Inspector-General (1932), Lope de Vega’s Fuente Ovejuna (1934), Korneichuk’s The Destruction of the Squadron (1937), Shakespeare’s Othello (1941), Schiller’s Cabal and Love (1947), Gorky’s The Last Ones (1954), Pachalia’s Gunda (1957), adaptations of Shinkube’s Song of the Rock and Schiller’s Don Carlos (both 1971), Chkadua’s Alou Is Angry (1974), and Sukhovo-Kobylin’s The Lawsuit (1975).

The best productions of the Georgian company have included an adaptation of Chonkadze’s Surami Fortress (1930), Fadeev’s The Rout (1935), Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (1936), Gutzkow’s Uriel Acosta (1940), adaptations of Pshavela’s High Mountains and Lope de Vega’s The Dance Teacher (both 1971), Daraseli’s Kikvidze and Drutse’s Kasa mare (both 1973), and Getsadze’s Karaman Marries (1974).

The work of V. 1. Domogarov, A. Khorava, A. Vasadze, and A. Tavzarashvili was of great importance in developing the skill and technique of both companies. The theater’s directors have included V. Kushitashvili, S. Chelidze, A. Agrba, Sh. Pachalia, G. Sulikashvili, N. Eshba, Kh. Dzhopua, G. Zhuruli, G. Gabunia, Iu. Kakulia, L. Paksashvili, and S. Mrevlishvili. In 1967 the theater was named after the writer S. Ia. Chanba.

In 1975 the theater’s companies included the People’s Artists of the Georgian SSR and the Abkhazian ASSR A. Agrba, R. Agrba, A. Argun-Konoshok, M. Zukhba, T. Bolkvadze, L. Kaslandzia, N. Kipiani, I. Kokoskeria, M. Kove, Sh. Pachalia, and M. Chubinidze. The companies also included the Honored Artists of the Georgian SSR and the Abkhazian ASSR S. Agumaa, A. Bokuchava, S. Kalandadze, N. Kamkia, S. Pachkoria, and G. Ratiani.

Since 1973 the principal director of the Abkhazian company has been Honored Art Worker of the Abkhazian ASSR D. Kortava; the principal director of the Georgian company has been D. Kobakhidze.


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