Greenland: see ManiitsoqManiitsoq
, formerly Sukkertoppen
, town (1996 pop. 3,000), Maniitsoq dist., W Greenland. The town is a fishing center with modern canneries.
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From the top of Sukkertoppen mountain, I have a clear view of the landscape, a gnarled, outstretched hand reaching into the sea, fjords running gently through its fingers.
The next summer he and four others journeyed to Southwest Greenland to begin a reconnaissance of the Sukkertoppen ice cap.
I was staying in a large newly-refurbished suite in one of the sea houses on the harbour which had a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge and dining room and, as I whipped back the curtains, I was taken in by the enchanting views of the Sukkertoppen mountain across the calm water.
Thus the settlement that McGoogan identifies as Lievely, on Disko [slash], also then known as Godhavn, is now Qeqertarssuaq; Fiskerenaes (properly Fiskenaeset) should be rendered as Qeqertarsuatsiat; Sukkertoppen as Maniitsoq, and Pr[slash]ven as Kangersutsiaq.
It covers a total of 7990 km2 and is bordered to the south by the glacier Sukkertoppen Iskappe and by the inland ice to the east.
The majority of the occupied areas and geese (94.5%) were observed between 66[degrees]29N and 68[degrees]21 N, in an area that extends from Sukkertoppen Iskappe north to Disko Bugt.