Greenland: see ManiitsoqManiitsoq
, formerly Sukkertoppen
, town (1996 pop. 3,000), Maniitsoq dist., W Greenland. The town is a fishing center with modern canneries.
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I was staying in a large newly-refurbished suite in one of the sea houses on the harbour which had a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge and dining room and, as I whipped back the curtains, I was taken in by the enchanting views of the Sukkertoppen mountain across the calm water.
The next summer he and four others journeyed to Southwest Greenland to begin a reconnaissance of the Sukkertoppen ice cap.
Thus the settlement that McGoogan identifies as Lievely, on Disko [slash], also then known as Godhavn, is now Qeqertarssuaq; Fiskerenaes (properly Fiskenaeset) should be rendered as Qeqertarsuatsiat; Sukkertoppen as Maniitsoq, and Pr[slash]ven as Kangersutsiaq.
It covers a total of 7990 km2 and is bordered to the south by the glacier Sukkertoppen Iskappe and by the inland ice to the east.
5%) were observed between 66[degrees]29N and 68[degrees]21 N, in an area that extends from Sukkertoppen Iskappe north to Disko Bugt.