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Vajiralongkorn, said prominent intellectual and social critic Sulak Sivaraksa, "doesn't like ceremony himself, personally, but when it is performed he wants it to be proper." When his father was cremated in 2017, Vajiralongkorn "insisted that everything had to be done properly." "Likewise the coronation has to be done properly and he doesn't mind the expense, but it has to be done properly," Sulak said.
As Sulak Sivaraksa pointed out though in criticising Buddhadasa, modern dictators never govern righteously because they are not righteous.
In a study by Sulak et al (9), epilepsy patients using cannabis mostly reported the use of cannabidiol-enriched artisanal preparations.
Profiling college students has become a common practice in education (e.g., Finney, Barry, Horst, & Johnson, 2018; O'Donnell, 2017; Olivera-Aguilar, Rikoon, & Robbins, 2017; Primack et al., 2012; Sulak, Massey, & Thomson, 2017; Yu, DiGangi, Jannasch-Pennell, & Kaprolet, 2008; Yukselturk & Top, 2013) in a broader effort to promote student well-being and academic success.
Sulak O et al [15] did not detect a constancy in the length of ovary, rather it varied between 10 and 18 mm and found that the widths and the thicknesses of the ovaries increased during 18-36 weeks period.
Khoury JD, Medeiros LJ, Manning JT, Sulak LE, Bueso-Ramos C, Jones D, et al.
Said the Pessoptimist is his best-known work, butyou can l isten to excerpts ofHabibi's Saraya, The Ogre's Daughter: A Palestinian Fairy Tale, trans.Peter Theroux, read byMarcela Sulak.
To be sure, we find scathing criticisms of the Western model of development with its institutionalized expressions of greed, ill will and delusion in, for example, the writings of Sulak Sivaraksa.
Sulak, "Nonsurgical correction of defects, the use of vaginal support devices," in Te Lindes Operative Gynecology, pp.
The dyes characterize the textile effluents as highly colored and are responsible for many problems in water bodies, like prevent the entry of light that impairs photosynthetic activity and interfere with the development of aquatic biota, therefore making regulatory agencies increasingly concerned, especially about the possible carcinogenicity of some compounds (Rauf & Ashraf, 2009; Sulak & Yatmaz, 2012).