Sulamif Zaslavskaia

Zaslavskaia, Sulamif’ Aleksandrovna


Born Mar. 7, 1918, in Cherkassy. Soviet textile artist. Studied in the Moscow Textile Institute (1936-41).

From 1944 to 1971 Zaslavskaia worked as an artist in the Krasnaia Roza Silk-weaving Mill. She has created decorative panels (Women of Asia and Africa, 1968, cotton, batik) and designs for printed fabrics for dresses (Fair, 1957, Russian Museum, Leningrad), draperies (Little Horses, 1962, Russian Museum), souvenir kerchiefs (Peace, 1964), and handmade carpets (Romantics and March, both 1970). By treating floral and topical motifs as elements of linear flat ornaments, Zaslavskaia organically blends her compositions with the fabric’s structure and texture.


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