Sulayman Al- Nabulsi

Nabulsi, Sulayman Al-


Born 1910, in al-Salt, Jordan; died Oct. 14, 1976, in Amman. Jordanian political and governmental figure.

Al-Nabulsi was a schoolteacher by profession. From 1954 to 1957 he served as general secretary of the National Socialist Party of Jordan. During an upsurge of the national liberation movement, he was prime minister and minister of foreign affairs from 1956 through April 1957. His government terminated the Anglo-Transjordanian treaty of 1948, called for the establishment of diplomatic relations with the USSR and other socialist countries, and proclaimed bourgeois-democratic freedoms. In 1970, al-Nabulsi became chairman of the Jordanian Committee on Afro-Asian Solidarity and the Jordanian Committee for the Defense of Peace.