Sullivan, Anne

Sullivan, Anne:

see Macy, Anne SullivanMacy, Anne Sullivan,
1866–1936, American educator, friend and teacher of Helen Keller, b. Feeding Hills, Mass. Placed in Tewksbury almshouse (1876), she was later admitted (1880) to Perkins Institution for the Blind, since her eyes had been seriously weakened by a
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Sullivan, Anne (b. Joanna Mansfield Sullivan)

(1866–1936) teacher of Helen Keller; born in Feeding Hills, Mass. Nearly blind from a childhood fever, she was educated at the Perkins Institution in Waltham, Mass. She returned there in 1887 to teach the newly-admitted seven-year-old Helen Keller and broke through Helen's isolation by spelling out words on her hand (a story made famous by The Miracle Worker, 1957). For the rest of her life Sullivan remained Keller's companion while establishing her own reputation as an author, lecturer, and advocate for the deaf.
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