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A sulfuric acid derivative or a sulfonic acid ester containing a ‒SO3‒ group.
(organic chemistry)
Any of a group of petroleum hydrocarbons derived from sulfuric-acid treatment of oils, used as synthetic detergents, emulsifying and wetting agents, and chemical intermediates.



any of several salts of sulfonic acids. The sulfonates of alkali metals, mainly sodium alkylsulfonates, are widely used as surfactants in the production of detergents.

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8 hectares) and employing 120 people, it houses sulphuric acid, hexameta phosphate, sulphonation and sulphation units.
With a total investment of approximately $15 million, the facility will include a detergent powder plant with production capacity of 40,000 tons a year and a complete sulphonation unit with production capacity of 15,000 tons a year of sulphonic acid.
MEXICO: Industria National de Detergetes SA (INDESA), part of the FERMO Group, is installing new sulphonation and powder detergent plants with respective capacities of 30,000 t/y and 150,000 t/y in San Luis Potosi, north of Mexico City.
Mario Ballestra, developed the continuous sulphonation technology utilizing cascade reactors, a breakthrough that has strongly contributed to the progress of the modern anionic surfactant industry.
Golgi apparatus is a second chief site of APP posttranslational modifications including O- and N-glycosylations, phosphorylations, and sulphonations [42, 43].