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A sulfuric acid derivative or a sulfonic acid ester containing a ‒SO3‒ group.
(organic chemistry)
Any of a group of petroleum hydrocarbons derived from sulfuric-acid treatment of oils, used as synthetic detergents, emulsifying and wetting agents, and chemical intermediates.
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any of several salts of sulfonic acids. The sulfonates of alkali metals, mainly sodium alkylsulfonates, are widely used as surfactants in the production of detergents.

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The sample with 5 min sulphonation time shows a continuous increase in penetration depth as the normal load increases due to the formation of macro-chips ahead of the stylus (Figure 4).
Figure 5 shows the scratch hardness measurement results on the coated layer at different sulphonation times before and after being compressed.
Figure 6 shows the horizontal load versus scratch distance for different sulphonation times.
Figure 7 shows the modulus of elasticity of the coated layer with different sulphonation times with and without compression.
Figure 8 shows the effect of sulphonation time and compression load on the water contact angle of the coated PEEK samples.
The nanoindentation and scratch hardness study revealed the sulphonation time did not have a uniform trend in mechanical properties of coated layer.
Caption: Figure 2: AFM 3D height images of the treated PEEK with (a) 3-, (b) 5-, and (c) 10-minute sulphonation times after applying the compression load.
Caption: Figure 3: Penetration depth versus scratch distance for (a) 3-, (b) 5-, and (c) 10-minute sulphonation time without and with applying the compression load.
Caption: Figure 5: Scratch hardness of the treated layer for different sulphonation time, without and with applying compression load.
Caption: Figure 6: The effect of compression on the horizontal load/scratch distance with (a) 3-, (b) 5-, and (c) 10-minute sulphonation time.
has supplied over 1,000 plants worldwide, of which 300 cascade reactor-type sulphonation plants and 200 multitube film reactor-type sulphonation plants, several with a capacity larger than 50,000 tons per year.