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see Bohemian ForestBohemian Forest,
Czech Český Les, Ger. Böhmerwald, mountain range, extending c.150 mi (240 km) along the S Czech-German border and extending into Austria. The Czech name for its southern section is Sumava.
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mountains on the border of Czechoslovakia with the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria, forming the southwestern border of the Bohemian Massif. The Šumava consists of two parallel ranges with a length of approximately 140 km. The maximum elevation, at Mount Grosser Arber, is 1,456 m. The mountains are composed mainly of granites, gneisses, and schists. The smoothed surface of the peak shows traces of ancient glaciation. The slopes are covered with beech and spruce forests and meadows.

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1994: Acidification of lakes in Sumava (Bohemia) and in the High Tatra Mountains (Slovakia).
Uprava silnic a komunikaci je v rezii mistnich firem--Kvint a Reno Sumava jsou spolecnosti se sidlem v meste Vlachovo Brezi, ktere je soucasti okresu Prachatice.
Sumava National Park, near the Czech borders with Germany and Austria is set amid forests, lakes, rivers and alpine meadows.
The huge tree in the centre of the market is shipped all the way from the Sumava Mountains and lights up at 5pm every day.
You can't climb up a conifer, and even if you managed, it would be just as difficult to climb down again, as, again, I've mentioned in another text, concerning an altercation with a fir in the Sumava Mountains.
This type of co-operation in the field ecotourism exists in many European countries: on the area of the Bavarian Forest and the Sumava, in the German-Czech border region (Marselek 2006).
Amenity migration in the Sumava bioregion, Czech Republic: Implications for ecological integrity.
In the wake of the 1968 invasion, the vast majority of the newcomers to the West did not undergo the risk of combating the Iron Curtain in the darkness of the Sumava forest; rather they arrived with passports and often by car, fully loaded.
From the converted 300-year-old farmhouse where we stayed in the village of Ujzed, on the edge of the Sumava National Park, we could walk all day through woods, hills and fields, seeing hardly another soul.
After entering the Sumava, it is said not a single person meets another, For there is only the activity of the Sumava.
Managers of the Sumava National Park (south-west Czech Republic) have meanwhile halted aid to the Tatras reserve following the hurricane in protest at the exploitation of the Ticha and Koprova valleys.