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While protesting the decision by the games' management to scale down their quota, Sumba said that they had invested over Sh25 million in the team to have them prepare and train well for the African games.
Sumba Island Beach Management Unit chairman Francis Mukudi said the fishermen were casting their nets in Lake Victoria at 10am when the officers attacked.
A total of 229 head of cattle including Simmental Purebred (n = 19), Simmental Crossbred (n = 27), Ongole Grade (n = 27), Bali (n = 20), Pesisir (n = 13), Holstein Friesian (n = 20), Sumba Ongole (n = 38), Madura (n = 20), Banteng (n = 20), and Pasundan cattle (n = 25) were used for blood sampling.
Hoskins (2004:92) explores the connections between bridal status, slaves and other gifts in Sumba and proposes that marriage prestations are important phenomena in the making of free women, who are so recognized because they have ancestors and forebearers whom the wife-takers must honour with mandatory gifts.
TUCKED away on one of Indonesia's most unexplored islands, Nihi Sumba Island hotel is a luxury resort with a conscience.
Scheduled on the 10th day of the month are the Green Run and Sumba, Interpretative Dance, Star of the Road, Mamita (Senior Citizen) and Binibining Paranaque pageant.
Youness Jabbour (iD), (1,2) Hamza Lamchahab, (1,2) Sumba Harrison, (1,2) Hafsa El Ouazzani, (1,3) Tarik Karmouni, (1,2) Khalid El Khader, (1,2) Abdellatif Koutani, (1,2) and Ahmed Iben Attya Andaloussi (1,2)
The GHSS would be constructed with an estimated cost of 50 million rupees, Murtaza told the gathering and announced construction of PCC roads from Sumba Thara to Gohra would cost of 7.5 million rupees.
'I had just come back from spending six months in Indonesia on the island of Sumba. I had decided to become an explorer and was writing a book on the island's megalithic sculpture.
(49) The more refined and valuable Indian textiles were often less in demand than the so-called 'ordinary cloth' mainly of cotton textiles from as far afield as India, but mainly from the islands of Java, Sumbawa (including Bima in the eastern part of the island), Sumba, and perhaps even Rote, Sabu, Timor, and other islands in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT, Eastern Lesser Sunda Islands)--all of which had weaving traditions.
Isaac Sumba Maly, who runs the Palma Okapi Tours travel agency, says he is preparing for a visit by Chinese tourists.