summative evaluation

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summative (or objective-oriented) evaluation

a retrospective review of how well an project or organization has performed (either after the programme has been completed or at set time intervals), enabling summary statements and judgements to be made. This approach often utilizes criteria against which achievements can be compared, e.g. an organization's performance can be measured against its aims and objectives, by measuring inputs and outputs, by using PERFORMANCE INDICATORS, comparing a similar organization or contrasting benefits accrued to beneficiaries with a control group. Summative or objective-oriented evaluation can be subdivided into ‘process evaluation’, which examines the use of inputs (such as time and money); and ‘outcome evaluation’, which considers the effectiveness of the outcome. See EVALUATION and FORMATIVE EVALUATION.
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However, as stated in the CMSA message, colleagues have raised serious concerns about the utility of WBA for high-stakes summative assessment purposes, indicating that assessment tasks in the real world are unpredictable and inherently unstandardised, and therefore will not be equivalent across different hospitals and universities.
West Virginia students showed improvement in math in six of the seven grade levels assessed on the 2017 statewide summative assessments, and half of the students in grade 11 were proficient in English language arts (ELA), according to results released today at the West Virginia State Board of Education meeting.
Conclusion: Transition from frequent to combined block assessment with regular formative assessment has positive effect on learning, personal grooming and performance in summative assessment.
However, there is a growing awareness that in addition to summative assessment, we need additional educational interventions to foster the learning of each individual student to the maximum of their ability.
Although half of the countries use both formative and summative assessment methods in physical education at both educational levels under analysis, it seems that the summative assessment is the most common, according to Table 4.
3 Whereas summative assessment (or summative evaluation) refers to the assessment of the learning and summarizes the development of learners at a particular time.
8220;The final ACT taken on March 4 will serve as the program's summative assessment, and Appleton will deliver a report comparing pre- and post-test assessments to the participating schools and the school district,” DePoyster adds.
In this empirical study, teacher reported knowledge, use, preparation, and importance of higher-level thinking summative assessment questions were analyzed.
Since the introduction of CCE scheme for classes IX and X, CBSE has given the option for students to take either the board-conducted or the school-conducted examination for the second summative assessment (SA2), which is given 40 marks," the IISJ said.
When teachers think of the word "assessment," most often hey think of a traditional summative assessment, which gives the teacher an overall view of what the student has learned at the end of a lesson or unit of study.
Of the total candidates, 495 opted for the examination conducted by the school, which comprised two parts as Summative Assessment 1 (SA-1) and Summative Assessment 2 (SA-2) at the end of the two semesters of the academic year 2010 to 2011.
And, upon a careful study, the book needs to be shared with a collaborating classroom teacher as a guide to build sound formative and summative assessment strategies.